Christmas Tree Craft: Preschool/Elementary Holiday Craft

Christmas Tree Craft: Preschool/Elementary Holiday Craft....

Craft Sticks, Large and Regular Size
Green Markers or Paint
Sparkles or Glitter (available at craft store)
String or ribbon

Have your child paint or color (with markers) 4-5 craft sticks.  I used a pre-colored large craft stick for the base, but you could also paint or color that.  My kids used markers, for time sake, but I think paint would be really cute too…  When they have finished cut or break the craft sticks so they vary in size.  Glue the craft sticks together to make a tree shape.  Add sparkles, glitter, or construction paper shapes to decorate your tree.  I let my boys glue and place their sparkles themselves.  We also had to make pictures with sparkles when we were done because the sparkles were so popular!  Let the tree dry for several hours.  Once it is dry, flip it over and add a dot of glue, place the string in the dot and let it dry…  In a few short hours you will have a very cute tree ornament, window decoration or fun gift..!!


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