DIY Pipe Cleaner Trees Christmas Craft

DIY Pipe Cleaner Trees Christmas Craft....

Pipe Cleaners / Chenille Stems: A pack or two of pipe cleaners is all you need for most of the trees below. I used 6mm pipe cleaners in three shades of green, 6mm metallic green pipe cleaners, 6mm multicolor metallic pipe cleaners, extra fluffy white pipe cleaners, 6mm iridescent white pipe cleaners, and a few 3mm white pipe cleaners.
Glitter glue
Small sequins
A piece of thin cardboard (as from a cereal box) and tape to make a paper cone (see the instructions linked to below)

How-to make the trees:
For illustrated  instructions for how to make these, read my original pipe cleaner trees tutorial. With these particular trees, I found that when I used multiple pipe cleaners twisted together at the top, the order of the colors really affected the look of the tree, so keep that in mind and do some experimenting.
The Christmas trees I made fall into three different categories: sparkling snowy trees, glittering green Christmas trees, and shimmering rainbow Christmas trees.


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